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  • Nickelback Ц If Today Was Your Last Day Against the grain should be a way of life, What's worth the prize is always worth the fight. Every second counts 'cause there's no second try, So live like you'll never live it twice.

  • Nickelback-Saving me Ц Show me what it's like to be the last jne standin'...And teach me wrong from right, And I'll show you what I can be... Say it for me! Say it to me! And I'll leave this life behind me...Say it if it's worth saving me.

  • Jessie J Ц Wild (feat. Big Sean)If I go hard, let me tell you that is worth it Play the right cards, I ain't afraid to work it Brushing right off, when they say I dont deserve it Hands on my heart, you keep my fire burning Ooh it feels so crazy when you scream

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