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  • I just want to feel real love Feel the home that I live in 'Cause I got too much life Running through my veins Going to waste And I need to feel real love And a life ever after I cannot give it up...

  • sexy love, sexy love sexy love , sexy love your sexy love Baby look what you started Look in my eyes Rainbow after the rain And then the blue sky Follow me after midnite In the club Baby I wanna feel Your sexy love!

  • Love is kisses in a bean bag chair.The two of us but no one there.Love is the moment that I climb the stairs.To hold you in my arms after we make love.Love is waking up to see your face.Or kissing in the morning rain.Love is The only thing that keeps me

  • Jason Mraz Well all I really wanna do is love you, A kind much closer than friends use But, I still can't say it after all we've been through And all, I really want from you is to feel me ,As the feeling inside keeps building And ,I will find a way to you if

  • Victor Silvester Paul Jones (Nuts In May Chain) The Varsity Drag Let Me Call You Sweetheart The Wedding Samba If You Knew Susie You Made Me Love You After The Ball Waiting For The Robert E. Lee (Medley)

  • KALEIDA I dont know why I love you like I do After all these changes that you put me through You stole my money and my cigarettes And I havent seen hide nor hair of you yet I wanna know Wont you tell me Am I in love to stay Take me to the river And wash me

  • The Rasmus- Keep your heart broken My love will grow black if your heart gets stolen Just promise to keep your heart One day I'll come back if the door's still open Just promise to keep your heart broken Forever and after my love Just promise to keep your heart broken

  • Fever Ray If I Had A Heart this will never end cause i want more more, give me more, give me more this will never end cause i want more more, give me more, give me more if i had a heart i could love you if i had a voice i would sing after the night whe 1. If I had a heart (группа vk.comoachost,, Score, ОСТ Викинги OST Vikings)

  • Backstreet Boys Love is kisses in a bean bag chair the two of us with no one there... Love is the moment that I climb the stairs to hold you in my arms after we made love... Love is, waking up to see your face or kissing in the morning rain...

  • 2345 feat. 5ivesta Family.Can there be no snow storm ... How can the people live without each other ... You're far away, I'm not easy without you in this world empty. You know, I understand every day more and more I love you. I just want to hug, just to say, all those words and not let go. After all, we're a snow blizzard and a day can not live

  • Black Bomb A No!!! This love is mine! Day after day I feel I'm going crazy It's time to break up don't you realize! But I feel for these painful words I've said Sorry for the tears in your eyes!

  • Silver - Turn The Tide You have the bravest heart The strongest emotions After all the harm I've caused You still want my lovin' I think I've lost your love Oh baby, it's a shame But how can I be mad at you When I'm the one to blame Chorus I can't beli

  • ЭРИК КАРТМАН-Poker Face I wanna hold 'em like they do in Texas, please Fold 'em let 'em hit me raise it baby stay with me (I love it) Love game, intuition, play the cards with spades to start And after he's been hooked I'll play the one that tore his heart

  • Bonnie Bianco & Pierre Cosso Stay (You are my life you are my only one desire you`re the air that I breath tonight won`t you stay here beside me stay When I see you there`s a glow from the stars above quess they know that I`m so in love yes I`ll stay here beside you stDay after day (

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