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  • Hospital Ц Take me by the hand The sun goes down again In your cold eyes I saw an empty street I saw the blood red sky So come with me tonight There is nothing I can do with my feelings There are so many mistakes Ive done before Everytime you rise I am s

  • Nicole Scherzinger -You Are My Baby Love Ц In a minute now we're still holding it down Butterflies everytime he come around You make me, so crazy, its crazy, ohh baby I don't ever wanna be with no one else You're the only one that ever made me mad You're special, boy it's your,

  • Lifehouse - Everything Ц You're all I want You are all I need You are everything, everything And how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you Would you tell me how could it be any better than this

  • In this world we are alone You know I love my Island home Take this ride Find our way through this mystery I just wanna be Swimming in the sea Now it's just you and me Forever-ever-ever I just wanna be With you feeling free It's my destiny Fore- Ц I just wanna be

  • The Cranberries Ц Zombie (acoustic with violin) Another head hangs lowly Child is slowly taken And the violence caused such silence Who are we mistaken But you see its not me, Its not my family In your head, in your head They are fighting With their tanks and their bomb

  • Miser - Zombie (The Cranberries cover) Ц Another head hangs lowly, Child is slowly taken. And the violence cause such silence Who are we mistaken But you see, it's not me, It's not my family, In your head, in your head, They are fighting. With their tanks and their bombs, And their

  • Justin Hurwitz, Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone Ц City of starsAre you shining just for meCity of starsTheres so much that I cant seeWho knows I felt it from the first embrace IShared with youMIAThat now our dreams may finlly come trueCity of starsJust one thing evrybody wants

  • Sunny, Yesterday my life was filled with rain.Sunny,You smiled at me and really eased the pain.The dark days are gone, and the bright daysare here,My Sunny one shines so sincere.Sunny one so true,I love you.Sunny,Thank you for the sunshine bouqu Ц јлиса  ожикина -

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