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  • Time (Noise Killerz Remix) - Hans Zimmer feat. Satellite Empire 002 - Chemistry (Fluently Remix) - Hardkn0x & Saevar ft. Anastasia Bykova 003 - I Feel You (Original Mix) Portanexus 004 - Forever (Dildajames Remix) - The2ndHope feat. Melissa Pixel 0 Ц Breaking the dawn. Part 14( (Chillstep version)

  • I wish i could be close to you Ц I cant sleep at night Im staring at the phone Knowing you are not alone She is right there by your side Im trying just to hide All the things I feel inside I can sense the chemistry When you are standing close to me I feel like a ship is lost at sea Is

  • Selena Gomez & The Scene Ц I can hear the angels singing, when you call my name. Your love is off the chain. The chemistry is crazy and you make me feel amazing, And i can't explain...

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