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  • Eve Ft. Gwen Stefani Eve Drop your glasses, shake your asses Face screwed up like you having hot flashes Which one, pick one, this one, classic Red from blonde, yeah b I'm drastic Why this, why that, lips stop askin Listen to me baby, relax and s Ц Let me blow your mind

  • „ертовски (прекрасен) (перевод Julie P) i Diamond, diamond, shining, shining, Ooh boy, you so fine, Gotta be the finest thing, That I seen in my life, I will pay whatever Just to get a better view, And yeah, your body looks so sick, I think I caught th Ц

  • Far East Movement Ц Like A G6.....Gimme that Mo-Moet-wet.Gimme that Cri-Cristal-tal.Ladies love my style, at my table gettin wild.Get them bottles poppin, we get that drip and that drop.Now give me 2 more bottles cuz you know it don't stop.Drink it up, drink-drink it up,

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