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  • ћути под ћузыку Vol. є106 Ц  аста, Boogie Bitches, Wiliam Price & Fred Flaming - ¬округ шум (Shake Your Ass) (Best-Friend DJ Mash-UP's) httpsvk.commutimusic

  • Ying Yang Twins Ц Drop Everybody in the club in the heat pussy get to poppin when we holdin a beat bitches throwing up they posing hands ass keep poppin out these female pants every mothafka sippin on lean see the crunk they begin when they be drinking a beer and t

  • Too Short Ft. Lil Jon Ц Bounce that ass up and down to the floor Shake that shit till you can't no more Twerk that monkey lemme see you get low Freak that nigga till your shit get sore

  • Never shout never Ц Big city dreams...You say we're both little people and you like it that way But in time I'm gonna put this body to shame (and grow old) Where a suit like my old man Pack up all my things and get my ass out of town

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