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  • One Direction - rock me Ц Do you know remember summer 09 Want to go back there every night Just cant lie was the best time of my life Lying on the beach as the sun blew out Playing this guitar by the fire too loud Oh my my they could never shut us down I use to think I was bett

  • Sam Smith Ц Guess it's true, I'm not good at a one night stand But I still need love 'cause I'm just man These nights never seem to go to plan I don't want you to leave, Will you hold my HAND Oh, won't you STAY with ME 'Cause you're a

  • Beyonce Till The End Of Time Ц Come take my hand I wont let you go Ill be your friend I will love you so, deeply I will be the one to kiss you at night I will love you until the end of time Ill be your ba-by And I promise not to let you go Love you like cra-zy Now say youll never

  • Keri Hilson Ц I like, I like, Im losing control right now and I feel its right, I like, I like, Were caught in this moment I wont let you go, And the world around us wont stop turning to night, I like, I like, I like,i like, Dance all night dont stop the music,

  • Cher Ц Come to me baby Don't keep me waiting Another night without you here And I'll go crazy There is no other there is no other No other love can take your place or match the beauty of your face

  • Mariah Carey Ц I'd give my all to have Just one more night with you I'd risk my life to feel Your body next to mine 'Cause I can't go on Living in the memory of our song I'd give my all for your love tonight

  • Ц We Run The Night. When the sun goes down, down, down, down Boy youre afraid of the dark, dark And when the lights go out, out, out, out Tell me do you know where to start, start And when the base get loud loud loud That is when I feel apart, apart...

  • Enrique Iglesias feat. Whitney Houston Ц Could i Have This Kiss Forever Over and over I look in your eyes You are all I desire You have captured me I want to hold I want to be close to you I never want to let go I wish that this night would never end I need to know Could I

  • ћандаринка Ц Do you recall, not long ago We would walk on the sidewalk Innocent, remember All we did was care for each other But the night was warm We were bold and young All around the wind blows We would only hold on to let go Chorus x2 Blow a kiss, fire a gun

  • “итаник Ц Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you, That is how I know you go on Far across the distance and spaces between us You have come to show you go on Near, far, wherever you are I belive that the heart does go on Once more, you open the door And y

  • Busshunter Ц It's a saturday night Nothing will go wrong But if it does do i care I just dont know how to run It's a saturday night And i hope you believe My heart is calling your name So hear me out when i say I can see it in h

  • Broiler feat. Ravvel Ц In the dark they go like stars, bright, light In the night I see them glow Wild eyes I can see bright light Ooo, In your wild eyes I can feel the night Ooo, in your wild eyes In your wild eyes Ooo, in your wild eyes In your wild eyes Its the way you love

  • Stella Starlight Trio Ц Tainted Love Sometimes I feel I've got to Run away I've got to Get away From the pain that you drive into the heart of me The love we share Seems to go nowhere And I've lost my light For I toss and turn I can't sleep at night Once I ran t

  • Keri Hilson-I Like Ц Sun down, Friday night, Uptown city lights, Here i go start it out, I like, Dressed up out the door So damn ready for one night maybe more, I like, i like, With strobe light hot cores dirty minds When you cross my way, I like, i like, Just you and i touch

  • Ѕитва DJ !!! ƒень ћолодЄжи_24.06.2011_ѕлощадь —оветов_2000 Ц DJ NEO a.k.a. SOUNDTEK, DANCE GO-GO "SWEET NIGHT" vs SANDER LITE, DJ ќЋ≈√ SMILE !!! SUPPORT MC SOVA !!!

  • Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne- Down Ц Down Baby are you down down down down down, Down, down, Even if the sky is falling down, Down, down Ooh (ohhh) You oughta know, tonight is the night to let it go, Put on a show, i wanna see how you lose control, So leave it

  • Ѕлек ай пис Ц ...Meet me halfway, right at the boarderline That's where i'm gonna wait, for you I'll be lookin out, night n'day Took my heart to the limit, and this is where i'll stay I can't go any further then this I want you so bad it's

  • Love Night or InDa ZAGS Dj Eva Flame Dj Alex Cherry Dj WillyamDeLove Ц - ¬’ќƒ - FREE !!! 12 феврал€ клуб јркј “ематическое украшение клуба —пециальные любовные коктейли в баре Ѕесплатное шампанское дл€ влюбленных ‘отоотчеты ¬идеоотчеты ѕришлашенные звездные гости SEXY GO-GO (близн€шки) ћаскарад

  • Black Eyed Peas Ц The Time (The Dirty Bit) - I-I came up in here to rock Light a fire, make it hot I don't wanna take no pictures I just wanna take some shots So come on, let's go Let's lose control Let's do it all night Til we can't do it no mo'

  • Mohombi Ц In Your HeadShe's waiting for her man to go to work Then calls me on the phone saying he's such a jerk I feel like a thief in the day and a thief in the night But it's just a fight Why why why don't he treat you right He should be the one

  • On the first night this can't go down Please understand that ain't what I'm about On the first night I need you to wait Cause the time's not right for "All the way" Is this love This could be love I'd love to love you Pleas Ц On the first night this can't go down Please understand that ain't what I'm about On the first night I need you to wait Cause the time's not right for "All the way" Is this love This could be love I'd love to love you Pleas

  • “имур –одригез Ц Go with the rhythm, baby you got me Will never stop me, I want it more A thousand kisses all over your body I know it makes you feel like never before Welcome to the night! Now you want me too Take me over baby, Im coming for you Welcome to the nigh

  • Nirvana Ц My girl(My girl, my girl, don't lie to me, Tell me where did you sleep last night In the pines, in the pines Where the sun will never shine I would shiver the whole night through My girl, my girl, where will you go I'm going where the

  • Oliver Koletzki feat. Fran Ц I will remember this for sure - this very night that changed it all You stroked my thigh and made me fall in love again Your burning eyes have asked for more One secret kiss and I will go but then you followed me and placed your heart in my hand

  • Sinead O'Connor-Nothing compares 2 U Ц Its been four hours and fifty days, Since you took your love away, I go out every night and sleep all day, Since you took your love away, Sice youve been gone, I can do whatever I want, I can see whoever I choose, I can eat my dinner in a fancy

  • P.Diddy feat. Keyshia Cole - Last Night...... Ц I need you,and you need me.This is so plain to see,and I'll never let you go and,I'll always love you so.If you could only see,your heart belongs to me.I love you so much, Im yearning for your touch.Come and set me free,Forever yours Ill be

  • Deadmau5 feat. Kaskade Ц I Remember (Feeling the past moving in letting a new day begin hold to the time that you know you don't have to move on to let go...)Remember turning on the night and moving through the morning light remember how it was with you remember how

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